My Scope Has Arrived – N73 6X Optical Zoom – Part Two

dsc074131.jpg At last. I’ve been waiting for this for the last few weeks and it has arrived. Unfortunately there was already dark at the time I got it but I made a few pictures of it, so you can see how it actually looks. And it doesn’t look like on the ebay commercial. It looks better 🙂

Here are some images I made but only one sample because after one sample I came to the conclusion that it sucks at making indoor photos but that’s not what it’s made for.

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When Will Our N73 Be An N-gage Device?

The answer to the question: When we will have n-gage installed on it because it already is an n-gage compatible device.

N-gage has been planning to launch the application which will allow us to play more quality games then the ones available now for S60 3rd Edition Phones. The games will be launched at the same time as the N-gage software but we don’t know for sure when. At least not yet. It should be the beginning of 2008,which means that any time now…after they didn’t manage to finish until the end of 2007 as it was announced in the beginning.

The compatible devices are the following:

1. Nokia N73

2. Nokia N81

3. Nokia N82

4. Nokia N95

5. Nokia N95 8 GB

6. Nokia N93i

7. Nokia N93 Continue reading

My Anti-virus Dilemma

In the beginning I was really scared because I read lots of things about viruses for smart-phones but in time I realized that there’s not much need for an anti-virus on your smart-phone. For example you don’t really find an anti-virus software for your s60 3rd edition Symbian phone because there’s not much to be afraid of.

In order for a virus to be effective it has to have access to the root directory where the software is installed and that isn’t really cracked yet. Please tell me if you have any viruses because I have F Secure on my N73 and didn’t have any notification yet that it would have found viruses… Continue reading

Creating Themes For N73 And Other S60 3rd Edition Smartphones

themes.pngI was really busy in the last few days because I looked for the perfect software to create my own theme. I’ve found a few good ones but Carbide UI was the best of all because it’s a really complex software so you can change a lot of things. I especially liked the way you can change the icons in your menu because the default ones don’t look really good.

After I’ve spent a few hours checking out the software, I had to admit that it’s not perfect and it has a few bugs. For example all my sub-menus went black even if I made them white so I couldn’t see the text in my sub-menus. In the preview provided by the application these looked perfect, but on the phone things were awful. Whatever… Continue reading

My All Time Favorite S60 Applications – Top Ten



I can’t say that there aren’t enough applications out there to choose from but there are a few that can’t be called ordinary. Here’s how my top ten looks right now:

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Nokia Maps – Make Your N73 A Map Even Without GPS



Nokia maps is an application developed for those who travel a lot. It is GPS compatible so it’s a good thing to have a GPS receiver but even if you don’t have one, you can still use this application. It just won’t tell you where you are.

Installation Process:

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cCalc – Hi Tech Calculator For Your N73

I am a student so I do use the calculator pretty often. I had to carry my personal calculator with me until I accidentaly came across this application. I say accidentaly because I was looking for a similar one but with no luck and then one day I found cCalc. I will only tell you that I don’t have to carry my scientific calculator with me anymore.

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