ActiveFile – A Must Have App For Your N73

I’m sure most of you already use a file manager on your Samrtphones. I think a smartphone is almost useless without a file manager, that’s why I tried a lot of the existing apps.

YBrowser: A very good file explorer. I respect Yucca for this app and for his Yucca Tools too. download here

FExplorer: This is a good explorer too and it’s on the market for a long time now (you will have to sign it though-see how) download here

The rest of the apps aren’t worth mentioning.

All these explorers are good but none of the apps has the 2 panes as the ActiveFile has, and the shortcuts are not that well used.


screenshot0009.jpg screenshot0008.jpg

Here are the shortcuts for ActiveFile controls:

1: pane #1

2: pane #2

3: copy

4: move(cut)

5: new folder

6: Rename

7: Hex Viewer

8: Show Path (it’s useful because you can copy the path)

9: Properties

#: Set Attributes (hidden and so on…)

c: Delete

If you don’t know what you are doing the it’s better not to use it, it was made for more advanced smartphone users.



If you have any questions or suggestions for better apps just comment.

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21 Responses

  1. can the activefile read chinese character? can it read the sms content?

  2. It can’t read the SMS content but it can recognize the files that you have received and it can play these too…

    About the Chinese characters…I didn’t find any answer but as long as your phone is set to Chinese, it should read the characters, but it’s not available in Chinese though.

    You should try it and share with the rest of us.

  3. i currently using X-plorer, im totally satisfied with it, it has all the function…but it cant read chinese character and sms content, tat is too bad…..

    i will try this and i hope it will solve my problem, after that i will share it here..thx

  4. i have install ActiveFile, it work fine for me, it got a lot function, a great piece of work! Most important of all, it is free.

    But there is some weakness that i hope it can improve

    1. The icon of hidden folder/file is same as other, so i cant difference them.

    2. cant view sms content

    3. don’t have option to send file by ifrared

    that is few weakness i found, hope they can fix it.
    Thx bedobela for intro this software.

  5. These are weaknesses indeed, but not the kind that would make me change my file manager software.

    1. What did you hide your files with, cause this thing sees everything…:)sometimes that’s what’s good about it

    2. You can’t see SMS content. It was mostly developed for browsing things you have received via bluetooth for example…like .mp3s or videos and stuff like that

    3. I never use infrared 🙂

    Thanks for the review and the help

  6. Hi,

    I am getting an error while installation. “Expired Certificate” – How do I install?

  7. Here’s a guide to the expired certificate problem:

    Expired certificate problem – How to deal with it

    Or you can try this:

    GenialSIS – signing your application made easy

    Good luck!

  8. Waste of time certificate got expired

  9. certificate expired. waste of time.

  10. It’s not a waste of time, man. Learn how to sign applications or else you won’t really be able to install anything on your phone.
    Unless you want to try the new hack which is so complicated that even I was bored to do it. But who knows, maybe one day…

  11. How cn i copy n paste a file ,frm one place to other , one fault or u can say 🙂 i cant find the key to paste the things 🙂 please help me . In this . Its adi

  12. Well, Adi.

    -You can switch between panels with the keys “1” and “2” (1 is for panel nr. 1 and 2 for panel nr. 2 )

    -After you select the file in panel nr.1, you go to panel nr.2 and browse where you want to copy it.

    -Then you go back to panel 1 and simply press “3” to copy and “4” to move the file.

    Here are the other shortcuts as I wrote in my post:

    1: pane #1

    2: pane #2

    3: copy

    4: move(cut)

    5: new folder

    6: Rename

    7: Hex Viewer

    8: Show Path (it’s useful because you can copy the path)

    9: Properties

    #: Set Attributes (hidden and so on…)

    c: Delete

  13. Hi Guys,

    If you get an error while installation. “Expired Certificate”

    Try this out,

    change the date of your phone to 6 months or 1 year back date and try again, this might work out…..


  14. Yes, Fasih but it doesn’t always work that way…thanks for the info though.

  15. hey fasih tis work help me alot thks!

  16. thanks bedobela fot this site, now i can use this apps in my N73 ME.

  17. its broken

  18. it says no target path selested

  19. it also dose not let me set

  20. thanxs

  21. i have successfully installed.. from

    but after choosing copy or move, i am not getting any paste option.

    also from gallery folder it is showing all my images & vids which i have hiden from ‘activefile’ software.

    can you please advise

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