Sample photos With My N73

I took my N73 on a trip today because the weather was fantastic over here so I would like to share some photos with you.

I tried all the features of the camera and some pretty good pictures came out but not all the pictures were perfect. As almost everyone says: in daylight the N73 camera is almost perfect. It really makes some great pictures and here are some samples:

Note: these samples are not at the original size. The images are in 1024×768.

The original size is 2048×1536.

1. two autofocus examples:

4.jpg 2.jpg

2. two macro(close up) examples:

5.jpg 3.jpg

3. a landscape example:


4. a sports example:


I think these pictures are pretty impressive if we consider that I don’t have any serious experience with a camera, but the Carl Zeiss lens definitely does its job. If you don’t believe me just take a look at the 4th picture where my phone is reflected in the sunglasses. It’s probably the best picture from all so this proves that the N73 has a great camera.

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4 Responses

  1. THESE ARE GREAT ! Unfortunately i have the version of 1 september 2007 :9 ! And my photos have blue haze ! What is the best version of N73 ever tested on you ? How can i install a version who is not the latest ? Thanks !

  2. And what was the version of your phone when you made this PHOTOS ?

  3. can you e-mail me at ?

  4. It doesn’t matter what version it is. If you know how to make photos, you will be able to shoot his kind of images…

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