N73 DivX Player On Your Phone

image1.jpgYou probably know DivX Player because many of us have used it on our PC.

This is a mobile version of the great software.Some people say that it’s the same as Smart Movie but the difference is that it’s for free, so we can enjoy the quality of Smart Movie paying $0.


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18 Responses

  1. nice

  2. this is a great app for your n73. i got it from awhile back to watch the movie shooter on it. no need to waste time converting just copy to memory card and play.

  3. Yep, definitely the most complex player…

  4. hey i hope it will work…..i just now downloaded it….

    i had already used it before but it was expired……i hope this is the latest one.,…

  5. not working…:(((((((

  6. hiiiiii

  7. expired certificate bull shit

  8. Yepp, you have to sign it….

  9. how do u sign it? it looks could but i dnt know how to sign it

  10. Hi all,

    Those who are facing “expired certificate” problem just change your mobile date to year 2006, and month around 10-12 i.e. around december temporarily, and this error will gone.

    Once installation is complete, change the datetime again.

    Hope this helps…
    – Deepak

  11. bullshit.. Expired cert. Doesn’t work on n73. Backdation helps installation, but once we change to actual date it shows application expired. A real bullshit.

  12. Hey guys, great apps for the N73, but i´ve a question, i’ve a 2gb memory card and i want to download a movie to my phone, but they are too heavey (gb speaking) where can i download “lighter” movies from?? thanks……..

  13. asc

  14. hi can any one say how to transfer divx player for n73 to other n73 from bluetooth is thr set 4 this ps help

  15. hi everybody it is realy great i have used this for two years it is great.

  16. BS all the link in here is not working!!!

    U either need to hack ur fone by hellox or other stuff including caps off,hellocarbide,xplore,secman and caps on also known as drakarrious tools or u need to download the applications for signing the applications

    however what i suggest is u hack ur fone so dat u dont have to sign in the applications again….

    Blamed should not be darted on me….it can harm ur fone however it didnt to mah beluved N73 ME.

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