10 N73 Games That Really Work


I’m not much of a big gamer but if you have a smartphone it is a shame not to try what it is capable of. As we know we can test a computer’s capabilities by checking out what kind of games it support but it’s the same with the smartphones too.I looked for games on the net but most of the ones I tried were not working. I found a few good ones though so here’s a list of the ones that are worth trying. And don’t expect a big list because I only write about the ones that work on my phone and the ones I really tried.

So here they are:

  • Tomb Raider Legend
  • Brothers In Arms
  • EA Sports Fifa 07
  • Sky Force Reloaded
  • SIL (it’s more for children but still a cool game)
  • Chess Genius
  • Dawn Of The Fly (short flash game)
  • PGR
  • SudokuMore...

n73tmbr.jpg First of all I would start with Tomb Raider Legend which is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever seen. It is in .sisx format of course because in java it can’t really be made to look like this. The game is great even if I played it for just a few minutes.

The game looks much like the first PC Versions so it’s fun to play.


You can download it from here.

tb_23.gifBrothers in Arms. Very similar graphics with the Tomb Raider Legend but a bit more full of action.

Good game with lots of action and great way to use just a few buttons and still make it a First Person Shooter.

You can download it from here.


592193fifa-07-portada.jpgEA Games Fifa 07 is a good replica of the PC version. It seems a bit too easy at least for me even if I do not consider myself a big gamer. Good game though and it works on N73.

You can download it from here.



images.jpgThe next on the list is Sky Force Reloaded. Good game but it is a bit too easy on ‘slow’ mode and too hard on ‘fast’ mode but a good game. Worth trying.

You can download it from here.


The rest of the games are not as good when we are talking about graphics but still good gamer worth mentioning and trying.

SIL (it’s more for children but still a cool game)

Chess Genius

Dawn Of The Fly (short flash game)






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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for providing us cool n73 stuff. carry on.
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  2. Good list man, here are more great games that work on N73 without N-gage

    Assassins Creed 3D – basicaly is a midle chapter of the PC version, full of stunts and jumps, some stealth kills and great combat sistem with counter atacks. Also it has a lot of mini games for the pick pocket, interrogation … parts. A must have game and is 3D so you can choose lots of dif paths, also .sis format.

    NFS Undercover – maybe better than the pc version hehehe, lots of differents race type, also some great looking 6 cars and the slow motion and drift skills are great. Oh and the cops are here too, but get the .sis version is high quality and works better.

    Age of Empires 3 – the same of pc with great gameplay.

    Solid Weapon 2 – a game very smilar to Metal Gear, youre a secret agent that must infiltrate a lab avoid the guards and unlock the doors, if cant avoid so kill than hehehe. Is 3D.

    Wolfeistein 3D – is similar to Doom RPG but with wolf 3D theme and better looking.

    Virtua Fighter – the Sega classic

    Super Street Fighter 2 – the same game but a little difficult to play cause of the 12 buttons use.

    Zombie Infection – a great game that reminds of resident evil series, a infection outbreak on the city and you have to survive, about 3 hours of gameplay.

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