Handy Task Manager for N73

The built-in Task Manager for my N73 was not good enough so I tried to find something with more options. And I did.

The best task manager is Handy Task Manager because it shows your RAM, your Phone Memory and Your Memory Card memory. All these things are important especially the RAM because when you get out of RAM you can kill applications even if these won’t close by pressing ‘c’ and ‘yes’ like on the built-in one.

Whatever…here are some screenshots:

screenshot0023.jpg screenshot0024.jpg


Some people say that it doesn’t show the RAM correctly but mine shows it exactly as it is because I double checked with Active File. Plus you have Favorites if you go left and you can add whatever you want in the Favorites.

This almost makes the menu useless:).

You can download it from here

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2 Responses

  1. thanks a lot for this.

  2. Thanks for good information. I am (an old) sony user, who want to change to nokia. Because apps are simple.

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