3 Steps To Hide Personal Files On Your N73 Without Any Software

Hi all. Today I’ve found a way to hide the files on my phone. I bet all of you were thinking that the image and video viewer shows all your videos and images even though you wouldn’t want to show them to everyone.

The first thing I tried to do is to open ActiveFile and change the attribute of a particular folder or file but that wasn’t working. Th Image and Video viewer still showed the files I’ve hidden. So there has to be another way.

I know that the Image viewer doesn’t show the system icons and thing like those, so all I had to do is to look for those files and put my files there. I found out that isf you simply create a folder in E:/System/Name of the Folder, you can hide your media there.

Here are the steps:

Step 1:

Open any file manager software from your phone and open the following one of the following two folders:



Step 2:

Make a Folder for example ‘Images’. It should look like this:



Step 3:

Cut and paste whatever video or image you want to this folder, but don’t forget: Cut and not Copy. Whenever you want to view the images just open them with your file manager or copy them back to the initial folder.


14 Responses

  1. I tried to follow the steps described – going through the File Manager part of Nokia PC Suite to search for the E:\System\ folders and unfortunately they weren’t there!

    Am I doing anything incorrectly? I did make sure that hidden files and folders were displayed from the Tools\Folder Options\View menu.

    Thanks in advance if you’re able to offer any more help.

  2. I’m glad to help.

    I suppose you do not have any file manager software installed on your phone if you tried to use the PC Suite.

    The PC Suite doesn’t show system files, so you should use an application installed on you phone. For example ActiveFile. I have a post which has a direct download link. Just use the search bar or click on the link which says ‘ActiveFile’ on the beginning of this tutorial and it will take you to the right post.

    After you install it on the phone you will have a good file manager and there you will find the ‘System folder’.

    Good luck and tell me if you have other questions.:)

  3. You need to give more information than that…The fact that you can’t download more than 2 mb can be cased by the settings of the phone, I don’t think that the operator has anything to do with that…

  4. fuck you! your forum sucks!! get a life!!

  5. Hi
    i use a N73 i am un able to download file greater then 2mb it gives me an error as memory full close some appliction first,fact is there are no apps running when i download is some thing to With the phone setting or problem with the oparetor

    • I think that it’s impossible to download more them 2 MB I’ve heard that from others too. I don’t know…maybe Nokia has some security methods and that’s why they made this stupid setting but you can download the files you need to your PC and transfer them to your phone. Or install it with PC Suite.

  6. hi Nadeem use UCWEB 6 or opera mini 4.2 . available at (www.mobango.com) or at (http://mosh.nokia.mobi.com) .

  7. crack jack software i have been seen seence last 3 years.

  8. hey i am sorry if my words will hurt anyone i am just here to help you ,i am looking first time on this forum and bedobela’s trick impressed me ,i have to say some thing for nadeem’s problem that your phone is full of Viruses you must have to “hard reset” it and then after this secure it to get the unlimited download ,I can download 100’s od MB on my phone wiht out any error ,thanks for reading my post ,have a good day

  9. Hey i tried to create the folder under E:/ System using the file manager software Xplore and it is giving me an error message that it cannot create the directory caleld System.. Adivice pls

  10. Hi Nadeem,
    I think your phone memory must be full. You can download the file only upto memory available in your phone memory.

    Try to free phone memory & try again.

    Thanks & have a nice day

  11. i wanna hide my some images n videos but m unable to do so … pls if any one can help me … even though i tried my best ….

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