Lock Your N73 Or Any Application On Your Phone

Tektronic’s Advanced Phone Lock


As I mentioned in my previous post, you can hide your files by moving them in any folder under the /System/ folder but this makes viewing those files a bit hard because you have to open the files one by one but there’s another way you can protect your files: by locking the application that opens those files (for example your gallery or any other application installed on your phone from your video player to the Setting application)

The software I’m writing about is called Advanced Phone Lock.

This software was developed by Tektronic. From what I’ve seen they have a few other applications too so it is a site that’s definitely worth visiting. You can download the trial version from here or buy the full version. You will also find detailed description about the installation process.


25 Responses

  1. thanks . It is really agood application for locking the nokia n73 phone.its only default is the certificate which needed.

    • hey….. its not installing in my n-73 ……. its shows untrusted supplier error … please help………….

  2. Does it only work for nokia n73?..I need one to work for my sony ericson k800i:(

  3. I am sorry but you’re in the wrong place… 🙂

    Your Sony Ericsson phone doesn’t have Symbian thus it does not support sis applications and on this site you’ll only find .sis apps.

  4. give me lock soft. 4 images & video
    4 my own nokia n73 phone

  5. This soft can lock your images and vodeos folder: Just lock the application called Gallery.

    If you want to hide them you’ll ind more info here

  6. nice soft

  7. I need a advanced lock for Nokia N73 please help mee….

  8. Yes, Nimoh. I thought you might need it and others may need it too…and that’s why I made this post. If you didn’t see there’s a direct link to a page where you can download it from, here it is.


    Now, I don’t really see what is the problem

    Anyway if you’re so lazy that you don’t want to make an account in order to get an application…especially on ipmart, the you probably should go ahead and buy it…it’s easyer

  9. Hey when i tried to install it its says certified error contact appliaction supplier what shld i do?

  10. You should visit this or this part of my site and try which one is easyer for you.

  11. good i like this

  12. good

  13. but how to download this software any one provide me the link of lock n73

  14. I see many and more web site but bedobela are the greatest and highly afordable website espatialy recognize for nokia n73. Its greate

  15. I see many and more web site but bedobela are the greatest and highly afordable website espatialy recognize for nokia n73. Its greate

  16. Will this app work on an E63?

  17. this is the coolest app in my phone…..
    It locks everything..

  18. what world wants is free full versions

  19. dfbhdfnnd

  20. Plz, I want dawnlod any lock for n73 image or video.

  21. i am sorry

  22. Lock Your N73 Or Any Application On Your Phone

  23. free

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