My All Time Favorite S60 Applications – Top Ten



I can’t say that there aren’t enough applications out there to choose from but there are a few that can’t be called ordinary. Here’s how my top ten looks right now:

1. ActiveFile – file manager application

2. RotatMe – rotates the screen of your phone

3. Core palyer – video and audio player

4. Handy Task Manager – multi task task manager

5. OfficeSuite – an excel, word and so on ..documents editor application

6. Nokia Maps – a god tool even if you don’t have integrated GPS

7. cCalc – advanced calculator for your device

8. Total irRemote – makes your infrared port a remote control

9. Nokia Search Tool – gives you the ability to completely search your phone for a file you are looking for

10. S60 SpotOn – turns the flash of your camera on

At this time these are my favorites but I will probably change this post as soon as I get a better application then the ones mentioned above. If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to tell me.


6 Responses

  1. sunt un fericit posesor d N73 music edition

    stii cumva d c la EMTUBE nu pot face download sau view la
    clipuri mai mari d 10Mb sau ma rog 4 – 5 minute lungime?
    am incercat toate versiunile posibile si acelasi rezultat.
    mai am un prieten care are un 5700 Xpress music si aceeasi kestie e valabila si la el. o fi din cauz ca folosim WAP UNLIMITED pe prepay? ma gandesc poate ca au ajtia d la orange limita la marimea unui singur fisier downloadat de 10 Mb,maybe?

  2. Hmmm…Nu stiu sincer ce sa-ti zic…Am gasit informatii intr-un singur loc despre asta…aici.

    Eu spun sa incerci mai bine mobitubia. Eu ala-l folosesc…


  3. dar se poate fofosi si cu wap unlimited pe prepay d la orange?

  4. acolo ei se refera la dimensiunea CACHE deci nu la dimensiunea clipului propriu`zis, yo cu clipurile am probleme

  5. Asta deja ma depaseste…Eu am Vodafone si folosesc mobitubia…:)

    Poate cand o sa am mai mult timp caut ceva informatii pe tema asta…intre timp astept IMEI-ul tau…dak mai vrei rotateMe semnat…

  6. verifica`ti te rog mailul

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