Creating Themes For N73 And Other S60 3rd Edition Smartphones

themes.pngI was really busy in the last few days because I looked for the perfect software to create my own theme. I’ve found a few good ones but Carbide UI was the best of all because it’s a really complex software so you can change a lot of things. I especially liked the way you can change the icons in your menu because the default ones don’t look really good.

After I’ve spent a few hours checking out the software, I had to admit that it’s not perfect and it has a few bugs. For example all my sub-menus went black even if I made them white so I couldn’t see the text in my sub-menus. In the preview provided by the application these looked perfect, but on the phone things were awful. Whatever… I tried looking for another software and I came across a site where you can create your theme and you can as-well use other themes as templates.

The site theme creator was basically the same as the Carbide UI but there weren’t any bugs like the ones Carbide had. So I created 2 themes and even if these turned out rather imperfect they are good for the first try. If you have time you can try too but you have to sign up.

Here’s my first theme:

z5d3m2wj.gif This is how it is shown on the site and don’t mind searching for it because I’ve put it in private mode so you can’t see it without my permission.

Why? Because it is not ready yet and I don’t want to take credit for something that is not perfect. If you don’t need it to be perfect, just submit a comment and I’ll send it to you on e-mail.

The icons I used were from the net but in the following skin I used my own. There are some bugs but the theme is usable.

I will try to make some other themes too and on the way I will figure out ways to make themes with as few bugs as I can.



Here’s my second theme:

vaatne28.gif This looks way better and has less bugs. One of the bugs is that the music player text is white so you can’t really see anything but I will work on that in the next few days.

Anyway, the icons are made by me. It wasn’t really hard really but it did take some time until I drew the icons and transformed them in .png format because that’s the only way to make the icons transparent, or the only simple way I know of :)

If you want this one just submit a comment, or wait until I make it better and it appears on the site. I’m working on a black version of the handwritten one with black background and white icons but I don’t know when I’ll finish.


22 Responses

  1. its a nice software

  2. cool

  3. its cool.and good

  4. Did any of you manage to make a ‘bugless’ theme? πŸ˜€

  5. Can I please have a copy of your paper / drawing theme, the 2nd one up here. I think it is amazing and it was exactly what I have been looking for! Cheers!

  6. Yes. I’ll send it via email

  7. it’s really a good and nice thinking to make own themes. i want to make theme, can i do that? if you give a permission than please help me for 3rd edition. Congress and Thank you very much in advance

  8. πŸ™‚

    You don’t need my permission to create themes…just go here

  9. wow that second one does look pretty nice mind if i get a copy of that one also?? i was reading about how carbide lets u customize the icons but could u create a theme which makes the standby screen clear??? or just get ride of the clock and the dates??? maybe make the font color black the same color as the background and when u go into your apps u can change your background to white and then the fonts and icons wil show??? does carbide allow u to use different font colors or anything of that sort ??? i just want a pretty clean standby screen maybe im asking for too much .. but haha can i get a copy of that second theme u posted. Thx u

  10. With Carbide you can change everything. And I say everything from the color of every text to the icons and animations, but as I said you need to be a very advanced user of this software to make perfect skins.
    I’ve spent a few sleepless nights trying to make a good theme but even after checking every detail, the themes still had bugs because of the images I used…on the pc it looked great but on the phone a few images didn’t load…

    To Mike

    Go ahead, download CArbide and have fun πŸ™‚

  11. thank you very much

  12. good

  13. good one

  14. woooooooooooow

  15. can you send me the second theme made by you?? i liked so much!!

  16. well can i have the theme the one which is displayed ?
    please mail me this theme on

    fanx in advance !! πŸ˜›

  17. Nice bro

  18. hi there,

    the second theme seems really great! congratz!! could you send ths *.sis for me ? it works on nokia e71 ? Regards

    • Hi there Colt.

      I’m sorry but this themes causes your phone to crash because it has some bugs, so I won’t risk sending you the file

  19. asu

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