My Anti-virus Dilemma

In the beginning I was really scared because I read lots of things about viruses for smart-phones but in time I realized that there’s not much need for an anti-virus on your smart-phone. For example you don’t really find an anti-virus software for your s60 3rd edition Symbian phone because there’s not much to be afraid of.

In order for a virus to be effective it has to have access to the root directory where the software is installed and that isn’t really cracked yet. Please tell me if you have any viruses because I have F Secure on my N73 and didn’t have any notification yet that it would have found viruses…

There’s not much to choose from when you want an anti-virus for S60 3rd Edition Symbian phones but there are a few:

  • F Secure anti-virus (already installed on mine)
  • exo Virus Stop from exoSyphen Studios
  • SimWorks Anti-Virus

And that’s about it. I looked around so I can find more but with not much luck… Anyway, I didn’t try any of these except F Secure, but if you’re interested just go ahead and try them but please tell me what your opinion is. Some say that McAfee makes an anti-virus software too but I wasn’t able to find one that works on my N73.


5 Responses

  1. Kaspersky® Mobile security

    Maybe you can try on this website, but you need an activation code after you downloaded the software. You can found the code on the page ( At the “Comment Side” )

  2. Yes. Indeed Kaspersky is a good anti-virus software. I use it on my PC and on my phone too but at the time I made this post it wasn’t available for S60 3rd Edition phones (at least not on the public market 🙂 ) but I don’t have a dilemma anymore. This is definitely the best one…

    Thanks for the information chelseacity.

  3. I am use first time it is good

  4. Thank you very much. This was a great help.

  5. can u help me geting the activation for KMS 7.0, i try open that address wouldnt be opened

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