When Will Our N73 Be An N-gage Device?

The answer to the question: When we will have n-gage installed on it because it already is an n-gage compatible device.

N-gage has been planning to launch the application which will allow us to play more quality games then the ones available now for S60 3rd Edition Phones. The games will be launched at the same time as the N-gage software but we don’t know for sure when. At least not yet. It should be the beginning of 2008,which means that any time now…after they didn’t manage to finish until the end of 2007 as it was announced in the beginning.

The compatible devices are the following:

1. Nokia N73

2. Nokia N81

3. Nokia N82

4. Nokia N95

5. Nokia N95 8 GB

6. Nokia N93i

7. Nokia N93

Basically all the S60 3rd Edition Smart-phones are n-gage compatible but we’re still waiting for the actual application and the games. I’m eager to try the new games because the ones that are good right now are great so the n-gage ones should be much better.

Here are some games that will appear:

1. Hooked On : creatures of the deep (Sports-fishing)

2. Asphalt 3 : street rules (Racing)

3. Snakes Subsonic (Action/puzzle)

4. Mile High Pinball (Arcade)

5. Brothers In Arms (Action)

6. Sims 2 Pets (Strategy)

7. World Series Of Poker (Poker)

8. One (Fighting)

9. Midnight Pool 3D (Sports)

10. Pro Series Golf (Sports)

11. Space Impact Kappa Base (Arcade Shooter)

12. Dogz (Simulation)

13. Block Breaker Deluxe (Arcade)

14. Brain Challenge (Brain Game)

15. System Rush Solutions (Action Arcade)

16. Bounce Boing Voyage (Arcade)

Most of these games are not very interesting and not yet available for download but I played some of the previous versions of these games and those were pretty cool.


2 Responses

  1. i think it could be relesed at the february 2009…….

  2. i want n-gage gaming software

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