My Scope Has Arrived – N73 6X Optical Zoom – Part Two

dsc074131.jpg At last. I’ve been waiting for this for the last few weeks and it has arrived. Unfortunately there was already dark at the time I got it but I made a few pictures of it, so you can see how it actually looks. And it doesn’t look like on the ebay commercial. It looks better 🙂

Here are some images I made but only one sample because after one sample I came to the conclusion that it sucks at making indoor photos but that’s not what it’s made for.

So here are some photos:

1. The Accessories




2. The phone equipped with the accessories




3. The phone in action:

The images suck really because I made them indoor but I will come back with a post on how the images look when I make them outdoor.




3 Responses

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  2. I just love the blue haze. I think it’s the best thing the N73 has… X(X(X(X(X(

  3. Yeah, You-re right Dle. George, but other phones with cameras have it too. If you’re trying to use your N73 to make images at night then you threw your money out the window because that’s not what it’s for.
    And yes, the lens is not made for indoor use either so you don’t get the blue haze when you use it(considering you use it in good light conditions)

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