The Biggest Bull$#@t Ever

Today I found a forum post about how to speed up your N73. Wow. At first it seemed something that might just work but when I read that this guy wants you to create 2 to-do notes and that makes your phone faster I just had to find out how many people actually believe in this. And I read a few responses.

Most of the responses were: Wow, It really works, so I had to read further and I came across a very interesting comment:

“hahahaha im not even gonna try this crap.. so riddle me this..? how would inputting a couple of lame (and obviously bullcrap) codes into the to-do list, cause the phones processor to run 40% faster than its previous maximum ability? the only way it could run 40%.. or even 10% faster, is if the processor/CPU will allow it to.. so by your theory, my ARM Processor that runs at appoximately 206.438 MHz, will run 40% faster if i type in what could otherwise be known as “CPU and Memory Consuming Data” into the to-do list? hmmm doesnt sound very logical to me… but what would i know.. im just a phone fenatic.. lol”

And he is so right.

There might be softwares which close some less needed applications but this sounded hilarious to me so I had to write about it.

For those who think it works: Read a psihology book and you’ll find out thet if you believe in something you’ll actually thing it’s true 🙂 But this one isn’t.

Anyway here’s the prcedure for those of you who don\t have anything better to do:

First go to ur To-do List.
Make a note and input as follows
Subject: Speed
Due Date: 29-01-2005(dd-mm-yy)
Priority: set to High
then press Done

Go to option again and make a second note and input as follows
Subject: Qoukie
Due Date: 29-01-2005(dd-mm-yy)
Priority: set to Low

If you want to read an article about how impossible it is to overclock the CPU read this (allaboutsymbian forum)

By the way, I got this from which is a very good forum


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