Smart Settings – A Promising Software From MobiFunSoft


Smart Settings is one of the most promising applications that are to appear in the next few days. For those who have already used it on their S60 2nd Edition Symbian phones, it is probably one of the must have applications. For those who didn’t get to use it yet, it’s one of the biggest discoveries since CorePlayer or rotateMe.

There is a demo unsigned version for developers but you can sign it and try it out until the full version appears. That’s if you trust this application. Well I did and it was worth it. I installed it just today and found out that it can do a lot more things then I expected and found out a very useful feature: Easy lock/unlock.


Here are the main features of the app:

  • Auto-lock: with the ability to give the auto-lock feature to the N73 which we all know that it doesn’t have as a built in application but can be done with other 3rd party apps like Handy Clock but in Smart Search you can give a list of apps which are considered exceptions and the auto-lock doesn’t lock the phone if these are running.
  • Easy Lock/Unlock: this feature allows you to choose any key combination to lock/unlock your phone (like ‘down’,’down’) and it is easyer to unlock it them pressing the ‘unlock’ and then * button.
  • Start Menu: this is its main feature. It allows you to make one of the left or right selection keys a start menu like on your computer running Windows or your Windows mobile smart-phone. You can choose which key you want to use as a start menu (the right one is better because it is faster due to the fact that it doesn’t wit for you to decide if you want to lock the keypad. The left one waits a bit longer…). You can customize it the way you want by adding applications you want and defining the order of the added apps.
  • Restart: a small option that is by default in the start menu and allows you to restart your phone.

If you want to be a beta tester, you can download it from here but you will have to sign it in order to work.

You can check here if the full version has already appeared.


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