rotateMe v. 1.5 Released


The well known rotateMe software got an update and it’s better then the previous version. It has a few bugs though but I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t restart the phone after installation or there’s some other reason but after a restart it works just fine.

A new thing is the ability to set the rotateMe to autostart and make it a hidden application (it won’t appear in the task manager) but other features were added like the priority, which can be set as normal or high making the software work faster if it is set on high(this is mostly for those of you who actually use this software a lot and have to switch between landscape and portrait mode often)

Enough talking though. Try it yourself and tell me if you find other bugs.


Direct download

Visit Samir’s site here



16 Responses

  1. when i tried to install that file , the phone says certification error! help me with this guys! thnx!!

  2. You have to sign this application before installing it.
    Find out how to sign an application here:

    It is a post on how to deal with the ‘expired certificate’ problem. If you manage to sign one application you will be able to sign all of the unsigned ones. And there are a lot.

    If you have other questions just ask and I’ll be glad to help you.

  3. Hello bedobela! nice to meet u..
    I’m sipoen from indonesia
    can u help me??
    i have n73 phone..
    i want to install rotate me in my phone but i’m still dont know how to install it
    can u give me the software and additional software that include to install Rotate me in my phone??
    please send to my email
    thank u and best regards for u…

  4. i hope i just install it in my phone
    thank you….

  5. This is a bit more complicated the just sending you an e-mail with an additional software…try this instead and tell me if it helped you

  6. plz i really want the rotate me software on my n73 cause i tried the sis file on each every site but all the sis files are unsigned??? i tried signing the sis file but dint got the acess to symbian signed .com cause of sum change in their policy i wasnt able to registor
    so plz buddy help me out i want this rotate me software any how it wud b real kool if u can send me signed copy of the sis file my imei no is 353548020731718

  7. or if u can help me out signinthe sis file i saw all the tutorials but they are all useless they all require symbian signed account. plz help me

  8. My IMEI is > 357652019247938, could someone send me a signe rotate me 2.0 at


  10. AT THIS EMAIL please i beg you

  11. rotateme for n73 me my imei is 355506016082106

  12. at this email

  13. anyone send me n73 rotateme pls.
    my email address :
    my phone framework version is 4.0738.3.1.1
    please !! please !! please !! please !!
    please !! please !! please !! please !!
    please !! please !! please !! please !!
    please !! please !! please !! please !!

  14. Hey can you please provide me with the link of signing and registering? I want to install this app bt helpless…
    Plz anyone…

  15. Hello everyone, If you would like a phone application signed (Any one at al) I know a great method. But you will need about 12 Hours of Patience before you can sign any application. Visit and make an acount, you will have to have chinese installed to make this site work properly, you can try the Google Bar with Translator. If any inquiries e-mail me at

  16. can anyone here use rotate me on their n73? How did u sign it?

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