Gallery Problem – Let Me Guess: Memory Card Images Invisible?

I had a problem with my phone. I don’t know how many of you have had the same issue but in case someone has this problem he can find the solution here:

If you can’t see your images stored on the memory card here’s what you have to do:

  • Connect phone in mass storage mode (when you connect the phone to the computer it prompts you and you have to select mass storage mode)
  • On the computer right click on the drive and select properties.
  • A new pop-up appears: select tools -> choose ‘check now’ -> check the boxes (‘Automatically Fix File Sytem Errors’ and ‘Scan for and Attempt of recovery of bad sectors’)
  • After it finishes safely remove the USB and Done! I hope it works…it did work for me.

You should thank ‘Korngear’ for this helpful information over at

Here’s the original post

Also, there are a few things you all need to do if you have a Symbian phones:

  • Press and hold the menu button and close the applications you don’t need(with the help of the ‘c’ button). If you would like to have more advanced options like ‘killing’ an application, you will have to install Handy Task Manager.
  • Restart the phone from time to time because if you don’t do this you will get the ‘Low Memory’ message on opening applications(including the gallery) and some of the apps don’t even open if you have low memory problems.

I apologize if I am boring some of you more experienced users, but not everyone has experience with Symbian.

There are people who don’t know and these are essential things for your device to work properly.


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  1. favorited this one, dude

  2. Hi,
    I have that exact problem. My gallery wont show photos stored on the mem card or even show songs/sounds that are on the mem card. I can access them through file manager. This problem occured when my phone was in for repairs (N73). They loaded the latest level firmware (9.1 I think). I have re-loaded latest level again. This did not fix it. I tried your fix going through properties, etc. This did not fix it either. I did notice while doing this the phone stayed in the “mass storage” mode with the progress bar for a while even when the process was finished and i disconnected the phone during this time. Would that matter? Should it stay in that mode for that long after? Thanks heaps.

  3. Wow.

    If you updated your phone to the latest firmware, it should work. Unless the update was interrupted…and another thing: you have to properly disconnect the phone if it’s in mass storage mode or else your card could be messed up.
    If you’re using Windows, right click on the icon from the tray and select ‘safely remove…’

    You should try another card and if it’s still not working then you should send the phone back to repairs because it’s not your fault anymore.

    I am sorry but if the above tutorial doesn’t work…I can’t help because everyone had the same problem and it worked for everyone until now.

    maybe you should format your card. See if that works.

  4. I will try your trick i am having the same problem with my 5 day old n73 music edition. I removed the data cable without clicking remove device on windows and i got a alert on the phone that i should properly disconnect it.

  5. I think your card can handle a few unappropriate removals but be careful not to do it too often. Good luck!

  6. thanks. It works!!

  7. even i had the same problem with my new nokia N73…but now its solved …all b cos of u..thanks a lot 4 the advice..

  8. Hi, I have experienced the same problem. I can’t access any images and songs stored in my M card on my PC, nor can I access them using gallery.

    I have tried this method, but it doesn’t work. May I know is there other ways to fix the problem?


  9. Oh, i tried it again, and it finally worked! Thanks a lot. 🙂

  10. I apologize for posting another comment, but somehow, although I am able to access the M card folder now, I can’t copy any music files into my “digital” folder. When I try to add in, it will show me the main folder, of which I have to select between M card and phone memory again. May I know what’s wrong?

  11. Hi kochels. I’m glad you solved your problem. In order to be able to answer to your question, I would need to know what file manager you are using to copy files on your phone…or if you have tried to connect your phone in mass storage mode and copy the files that way. I’ve had this kind of problems too sometimes but it worked after I reconnected the device and tried again. These are some bugs which can’t really be explained…at least not by me 🙂

    Anyway, I would suggest to create a new folder on your memory card named ‘music’ and copy the files there.

  12. sorry.. i am a bit confused by this step…

    On the computer right click on the driver and select properties.

    what “driver” are u refering to?? i don’t see any.. =x

  13. Hi lejun,

    You only have to open Windows Explorer or Total Commander or whatever file-manager you’re using and right click on the drive (the one that appears besides the ones from your hard disk – C, D and so on) and right click on it. The rest is explained in the post.

  14. Thank you, it works! Finally I can listen to the music now 😀

  15. Man i cant still … i tried all the methods in the Post…
    can anyone help me.,.,., 😦

  16. thanks for the “check now advice”. it worked 😀

  17. tenkyo beremuts

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