iSilo – A Good Document Reader

isilobigicon.gifThe reason why I wanted to write a post about this document reader is that it can read one of the files that can be very useful for some people: Wikipedia for mobile (you can find it here).Other than that I would only like to add that it is a good document reader which has its bugs but still a usable one. Especially if you have the Wikipedia file.


You need a file manager to be able to open a document because the actual software interface is made in a bad way (my opinion). They should have made it in a way so it could be able to scan the whole phone (or card) but this might have taken too long for the application to start, so they made it in a way that it only scans one folder:C:\Data\Documents\iSilo. If you want your files to be visible by opening the iSilo program from your menu, you will have to copy these files to the folder mentioned above…pretty complicated huh?

Read more about it here

Download it from here

You can find the Wikipedia file from here


2 Responses

  1. tried installing it on N73. it says “certificate error..pls contact certificate supplier”

  2. You will have to sign it in order to work, read more here (look for the comments cause the procedure is no longer possible – in the comments section you’ll find an answer)

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