Wikipedia On Your Symbian Device – No Data Connection Needed



Ok. I admit it. It is not exactly the same Wikipedia that you find on the net, but still one of the best ‘smart documents’ around. I call it a smart document because it has a lot of information basically on anything you need.

Of course, you will not find out much about Kapatu, Zambia for example, but I think you all agree with me when I say that it is not a matter of General Culture to know about this African City. I didn’t hear about it untill now either but I did a random search and this was a city found on one of the african mapsJ It sure does know a lot more the I do and I bet that unless you are some kind of a genius, it knows more than you, so anytime you have an argument with someone, you just do a search on this file and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for. And the best thing is that you don’t need an internet connection for it to work…

You will need iSilo installed on you phone in order to make it work. You can find it here. To see the file in the iSilo interface you will have to copy this document to C:\Data\Documents\iSilo\. Have fun!

Download it form here.


8 Responses

  1. Can u tell me password for this file

  2. the password is:

  3. wy is tat i am not able to get a sis file so that i can transfer to my mobile

  4. Because this is not the sis file…Here’s the software you can read it with:

    iSilo is the name of the software

  5. i have problem…i cant read the text…my phone cant recognize the font….

  6. i can´t copy wikipedia to C:\Data\Documents\iSilo\ because my mobile´s memory is 64 mb (N73). I don´t know what to do. 😦

  7. same here – cant install on n95 8gb because the file size is too big for the C:\ drive. is there a way to make it source files from the memory card (E:\)?

  8. You can just install Xplorer and see all “drives” like E (mostly E is for mem card) and also manage files.

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