MobiTubia – Since emTube Doesn’t Work

emTube used to be the only software that could help you play .flv files like the ones on Youtube but since MobiTubia appeared and emTube still says that their site is under construction…things have changed. I hope that emTube will wake up and come back into the picture again and since it is the first software of this kind ever made it would be a shame not to come back. I think they’re working on making youtube available again since it has changed the way it works now…

Until then try MobiTubia.


It is a nice application that allows you,to play .flv files and watch youtube videos wherever you are. If you are online you can watch videos and if you’re offline, you can watch your saved clips or any .flv file you want to watch.

Visit the site and download the software here

This is a free software so if you’re asked to pay for it DON’T!



4 Responses

  1. not working for n73

  2. dfsfd – I think you have a problem with your phone cause things are working for others…but you keep posting comments that nothing works…try signing the apps

  3. Expired certificate… On Nokia E60

  4. Marty if u have expired certificate error just try these tip to fool ur phone!

    first go to date settings and set back ur date with 2 days after the release of newest version!

    ex: newest Mobitubia version 1.80 build 4 Released April 24 2008! Then set back ur date to april 26 2008 then download it and after it installed u can change the date back!

    it can work an for emtube and another things!

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