GenialSIS – Signing Your Application Made Easy

shapeimage_2.pngAs long as you already have a Symbian Signed account, you can continue signing your applications the way you did until now, but if you don’t, here’s a way to sign applications on the Symbian Signed site without requiring a non-public e-mail address…

The software is called GenialSIS

You can read more here.

Find a tutorial here.

Very very detailed tutorial here 🙂 (good job Symbian Web Blog…thanks)


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  1. great job man, thx for sharing…u are da man!

  2. perfect man,thx for sharing….

  3. Hi! I would really like to use use the cCalc on my Nokia N73. Unfortunately, I have a problem installing it: the famous “expired certificate” issue. Now, since I only have an e-mail address from a public provider I cannot create an account on Symbian Signed. Therefore, I thought I’d use the GenialSIS application. Well, I did… BUT I got a “FAILURE” message. The tutorial said that this failure message indicates that I’m trying to “sign an application using protected UID range”. SO, my question is how on earth can I get the cCalc to work on my Nokia N73. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks and congrats for your N73 blog: you’re doing a great job. All the best!

  4. To nokia n73 user:

    It would have been easier for me if you would have given an e-mail address when you submitted the comment because through e-mail you can send me your IMEI code and I could sign it for you if it’s important. It would solve your problem…

  5. ok thanks! 🙂

  6. Hey!
    I’d like to use the rotate me app on my N73
    I downloaded the 2.0 version, I couldn’t find the 1.5 yet?
    Will this version work on a N73 (think not, but which version do I need then?)
    Thanks for your help and keep up the good work!
    Grtz, “Vonny

  7. The v2.0 is for N95 and devices with accelerometer…our N73 doesn’t have that, but you can use the v1.5

    You can find it here

    I think that this version still have some bugs, so it’s good to use the good o’ v1.00 which is simple and it works just fine.

    You can find that one here

  8. Hi

    Can you help me out with the signing/ certificate expired issue, please? I’m technically illiterate and need some help.

  9. Hi Dan,

    Send me the name of the application and your IMEI code, because I need those to be able to sign.

    Here’s my email address:

  10. please can someone sign rotate me for N73 plsplspls

  11. cam somone sign rotate me for N73 plsplsplspls i am desperate i downloaded the rotate me from this site but the aplication is unisignet

  12. pls any 1 can sign rotate me for my nokia n73
    my emie code is 353548024377849
    pls send me signed rotate me at

  13. Guys,

    It’s not safe to give your IMEI code. There are stuff people can do by knowing that information about your phone… I am really sorry but as you have seen I haven’t made any posts in the last few months, I’m very busy with another project, so I can’t help anyone right now…

    Let us hope that there are other users who see these requests and will give you guys a hand.

    Thanks in advance,


  14. Hi bedobela,

    i saw your post explaining that you were busy with another project. but i still think i should try it, so, i came here to ask you where can i find an e-mail that works with Symbian Signed? Or is there any other way to do it?
    my e-mail is

    thanks for reading

  15. Hi Paulo,

    You have to have an e-mail address that isn’t public. Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail and so on are public but if you have a website, with the help of Google you ca create an email address. (find out more here)

    Ooor…if you work at a firm that has a website and you have a mail account, you ca use that one.

    Good luck.

  16. thanx man thanx a lot i need that

  17. link where to download

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