pyBudzik – A Multifunctional Application

This application can basically start any application at a given time. All you have to do is to give the path to the application and the time that it should start at.

Remember this though:

  • You have to have python installed
  • You have to have a file manager to know exactly the name of the application you want to be started
  • You have to give the exact file name shown in the file manager
  • The path of the applications is x:/sis/bin.

Download pyBudzyk

Read more here


2 Responses

  1. Hi.
    Cheers Bedobela
    pardon ma english..i came to kno about dis cool site today only.its really cool..i jus luv it.n i’m a fan..
    Gr8 work man. Cheers again.keep dis up.
    U cud’v mentioned about ‘x-plore’ too in the file managers section.its a wonderful software,its a file browser+zip manager+can view inbox+many more..
    Me sharmil,owns a N73 ME.gr8.
    Thnx alot..

  2. Thanks, Sharmil

    Have fun trying out the applications, and yes x-plore is a good file manager too but my opinion is that the 2 panels of active file can still not be beaten….

    Good luck with your phone

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