GDesk – Making My Own Theme

Hi all. It’s been a while since I made a new post and I apologize for that. I am a bit occupied with other stuff, but this on just had to be told:

I came across an application called Gdesk and started creating my own theme… After about a day of doing nothing else, the first functional theme appeared.

The problem is that no one really has made a theme for Symbian devices (at least you can’t find any on the net)…so I had to make my own. And it’s not bad at all.  You can basically make your phone look exactly the way you want to.

Here’s how my theme looks:

If this is not enough, here’s a video I posted to Youtube: (for some reason, I wasn’t able to embed the video…)

The Features:

  • You can customize your theme the way you want to by being able to add/remove applications, pages and others, and move the applications wherever you want to.
  • You can also add an icon for the applications and others, making the look and feel of the theme very very nice. (what I liked is that .png icons are supported making it possible to use transparency)
  • Windows-like start menu.
  • Tons of options for customizing.

The Problems:

  • Sometimes it freezes.
  • They didn’t make a plugin for the battery and signal-meter, plus no plugin to tell you when you have a message or a missed call. Pretty unfortunate.

How to create a theme:

  • You open Gdesk and press the start menu -> design (this means you have started the customization)
  • The next time you press the start menu, lots of options will appear. If you play around with the options like add application, you will get it quite quick and make the theme you want.
  • After adding an application, you have several options:
    • adding an icon to make it look the way you want
    • assigning a shortcut key
    • moving it around on the desktop (with the number keys: 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9)
  • You can create more pages, adding different applications to different pages,but be careful to create links between pages so you can navigate easily.
  • And many more but you have to be patient and spend some time making the small changes one at a time.

Download GDesk from here.


Changed the homescreen. Here’s the new one:

Download HTC Black BETA!!!

(Note: you have to sign up for my-symbian…)

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Quickmark – Another Useless Application? NO!

After reading this post please read the comments too because there’s some powerful information there. Thanks

Today I got a weird comment on one of my posts and some person (or something like that) told me to try Quickmark – a barcode reader…

I knew that it’s a spam message and I deleted the link he gave with his name (you can’t fool me 🙂 ), but I still gave it a chance and tried the application. A total dissapointment. First of all it doesn’t work 😐 at least not with my N73…second: why would I need another barcode reader and who uses the barcode reader anyway? Doesn’t matter…

Please if some of you readers would try and have a different opinion on this software, please tell me and I’ll apologize, but until then, I keep my opinion that this application is a waste of time.

If you want to try the application, you can find it here

pyBudzik – A Multifunctional Application

This application can basically start any application at a given time. All you have to do is to give the path to the application and the time that it should start at.

Remember this though:

  • You have to have python installed
  • You have to have a file manager to know exactly the name of the application you want to be started
  • You have to give the exact file name shown in the file manager
  • The path of the applications is x:/sis/bin.

Download pyBudzyk

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Alon MP3 Dictaphone – Music Player And Recorder – All In One Place

A very good software for recording audio with the capacity of creating hih quality mp3 format. Definitely a useful application. The music player part isn’t the brightest  and I couldn’t really figure out how the equlizer works but it has an easy to use sound recorder.

I would recommend this software to those of you who really use it wether for personal use or at work 🙂 because we all know that the built-in sound recorder sucks..sorry Nokia but it is really useless.

Here’s what it supports:

MP3 dictaphone which also supports AMR and WAV audio formats for recording, phone calls recorder and MP3, OGG, AAC/MP4/M4A, AMR, WAV and M3U playlists

And this is how it looks:

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LGC Jukebox Better Then The Default Music Player?

My answer is NO. To be honest, the default music  player is much better then this one, at least it is for me, because I like things to be simple and I like them to do exactly what they’re made for.

This player is OK though and don’t let my opinion change your mind…Download it and try it.

Here are some features:

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HandyClock – Give A Little Bit Of Extra To Your Phone’s Clock



We cannot say that thebuilt in application is not good enough, but if you really need to know the time in many tima zones, you will need something more advanced…

Here are the features of this application:

  • World clock
  • Day-night map
  • Calendar
  • Alarms
  • Timers
  • Stopwatch
  • Time Log


Download HandyClock

S60 Ticker

Another application which cannot be called a must have but it is worth a try. Why? Because it is freeee.

So here are the features:

  • A ticker which can be placed wherever you want it on your screen
  • Ability to show ticker only on standby screen or everywhere
  • It automatically adjusts its color to the theme you are using (pretty nice feature by the way…)
  • You can write any text you want and this text will appear and jog on the screen when you don’t have new SMS or any notification
  • Ability to change the font, size, duration and placement on the screen
  • A clock…if you need any.

I don’t use the extra clock because I only use this application on the standby screen and I already have one clock there.

You can download the latest version (0.10.2) from here.

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