My Top 10

I can’t say that there aren’t enough applications out there to choose from but there are a few that can’t be called ordinary. Here’s how my top ten looks right now:



file manager application



rotates the screen of your phone


Core palyer

video and audio player


Handy Task Manager

multi task task manager



an excel, word and so on ..documents editor application


Nokia Maps

a god tool even if you don’t have integrated GPS



advanced calculator for your device


Total irRemote

makes your infrared port a remote control


Nokia Search Tool

gives you the ability to completely search your phone for a file you are looking for


S60 SpotOn

turns the flash of your camera on

At this time these are my favorites but I will probably change this post as soon as I get a better application then the ones mentioned above. If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to tell me.



6 Responses

  1. have you tried using barcode readers for n73? Like Quickmark?

  2. Wow. Are there other barcode readers too? I never heard of this Quickmark but I’ll try it…thanks

  3. Yeah…I tried it and it doesn’t work….The same bullsh@t as the built in barcode reader…

  4. hai bedobela plz give me htc touch theme in gdd file plz my email is

  5. BullShit Software.

  6. plz anyone send me ultimate voice recorder n Device lock for my n73 3rd edition fone..

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