Quickmark – Another Useless Application? NO!

After reading this post please read the comments too because there’s some powerful information there. Thanks

Today I got a weird comment on one of my posts and some person (or something like that) told me to try Quickmark – a barcode reader…

I knew that it’s a spam message and I deleted the link he gave with his name (you can’t fool me 🙂 ), but I still gave it a chance and tried the application. A total dissapointment. First of all it doesn’t work 😐 at least not with my N73…second: why would I need another barcode reader and who uses the barcode reader anyway? Doesn’t matter…

Please if some of you readers would try and have a different opinion on this software, please tell me and I’ll apologize, but until then, I keep my opinion that this application is a waste of time.

If you want to try the application, you can find it here


Lock Your N73 Or Any Application On Your Phone

Tektronic’s Advanced Phone Lock


As I mentioned in my previous post, you can hide your files by moving them in any folder under the /System/ folder but this makes viewing those files a bit hard because you have to open the files one by one but there’s another way you can protect your files: by locking the application that opens those files (for example your gallery or any other application installed on your phone from your video player to the Setting application) Continue reading