N73 Search Tool – Completely Scan Your N73

Here’s a free application for your smartphone which enables you to completely scan all your data.

I’ve made a screenshot with all the options you have when you start the application:


As you can see you can check the boxes you need and leave the rest unchecked in order to make your search faster. At least that’s what some would say….:)

I say that if you have a 1 GB card you don’t need to uncheck anything because the search is incredibly fast.

There’s not much i can tell about this software because it doesn’t know much but it is very useful for those of you who have a lot of files and can use this software.



    Search Tool Download

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    I’m sure we all wondered why the camera light cannot be turned on while making a photo. I think Nokia just tried to go after the Digital Cameras, because most of these devices don’t have these options.

    Some people would like to use their phones as flashlights though and this fact is annoying for them. But there is a solution.

    Spot On:

    has two kinds of options:

    1. Turning Display Light On

    2. Turning Camera Flash On

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    N73 Zip Manager – Freeware

    screenshot0014.jpg I wouldn’t say it’s a must have app but it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth mentioning. If you use this feature you should download it because it works fine.

    My opinion is that it’s easier to decompress a Zip file on your PC but if you receive or download this kind of files you should definitely have it.

    On some sites they give you a few rows of explaining how to open files with Zip Manager. Well I’ll tell you how: press the ok key on your joystick. Simple as that.
    If you have Zip Manager installed you can view the .zip files in your ActiveFile Manager.

    Note: this is a free application

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    ActiveFile – A Must Have App For Your N73

    I’m sure most of you already use a file manager on your Samrtphones. I think a smartphone is almost useless without a file manager, that’s why I tried a lot of the existing apps.

    YBrowser: A very good file explorer. I respect Yucca for this app and for his Yucca Tools too. download here

    FExplorer: This is a good explorer too and it’s on the market for a long time now (you will have to sign it though-see how) download here

    The rest of the apps aren’t worth mentioning.

    All these explorers are good but none of the apps has the 2 panes as the ActiveFile has, and the shortcuts are not that well used. Continue reading

    Rotate Me For N73 – My Favorite Software

    I Don’t really know why, but I always liked phones with a horizontal screen because it seems to me that it’s easyer to navigate on them then on a vertical one. You can now flip your screen with the push of two buttons.


    You can download the software and see for yourself, because there’s not much to say about it. Continue reading