Quickmark – Another Useless Application? NO!

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Today I got a weird comment on one of my posts and some person (or something like that) told me to try Quickmark – a barcode reader…

I knew that it’s a spam message and I deleted the link he gave with his name (you can’t fool me 🙂 ), but I still gave it a chance and tried the application. A total dissapointment. First of all it doesn’t work 😐 at least not with my N73…second: why would I need another barcode reader and who uses the barcode reader anyway? Doesn’t matter…

Please if some of you readers would try and have a different opinion on this software, please tell me and I’ll apologize, but until then, I keep my opinion that this application is a waste of time.

If you want to try the application, you can find it here


N73 Software Update Available: Firmware Version 4.0735.3.0.2

screenshot0013.jpg Before updating to the last Firmware Version I read what people say about it. To be honest with you after reading some reviews I almost got fooled not to install it but these weren’t true.

There are many people who say things without reading anything about the phone and blaming it on the software. Some people even say that it’s slower than the previous but they didn’t look in the task manager to see that if you boot your phone it automaticaly starts the music player in the background. But never mind that.

The update is okay and the added a new music player which is much easier to use then the previous version. Other things can’t really be seen by us mortals:) but I’m sure that the fixed some bugs because that’s what updates are for.

The only weird thing I observed is that it vibrates for a moment when you boot the phone but that’s not a bug. Most of the other manufacturers have already sed it before. Plus this update closes the gap between the n73 and the n73 ME. I personally have an N73 Black (Internet Edition), because I like the media button more then the music player button.

I’m not going to tell you step by step how to update because it is already written on the Nokia site

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Change The Fonts On Your N73

2. Go to h**ps://www.symbiansigned.com and register a new account
3. Go to My Simbian Signed >>> Developer Certificates and download DevCertRequest tool.
4. Direct link: h**ps://www.symbiansigned.com/DevCertRequest_30_10_2006_v2.0.exe
5. Install the application in your PC and download the private keyfile (sultan.key in attachment)
6. It’s time to create the certification request: open the DevCertRequest application you just installed

Can you read the text above?


That’s how some people see the n73 fonts, so I thought I should have a post on how to change the font on your n73.

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Expired Certificate Problem – How To Deal With It


This procedure doesn’t work anymore. Try Ketan’s suggestion (from the comments section) and if that doesn’t work either, try this

It’s not a good feeling at all when you try to install the application you need and get this error message.

Let me show you a way to get rid of it.

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