3 Steps To Hide Personal Files On Your N73 Without Any Software

Hi all. Today I’ve found a way to hide the files on my phone. I bet all of you were thinking that the image and video viewer shows all your videos and images even though you wouldn’t want to show them to everyone.

The first thing I tried to do is to open ActiveFile and change the attribute of a particular folder or file but that wasn’t working. Th Image and Video viewer still showed the files I’ve hidden. So there has to be another way.

I know that the Image viewer doesn’t show the system icons and thing like those, so all I had to do is to look for those files and put my files there. I found out that isf you simply create a folder in E:/System/Name of the Folder, you can hide your media there.

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N73 DivX Player On Your Phone

image1.jpgYou probably know DivX Player because many of us have used it on our PC.

This is a mobile version of the great software.Some people say that it’s the same as Smart Movie but the difference is that it’s for free, so we can enjoy the quality of Smart Movie paying $0.

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