Cute Keys = Bad Name, Good Software

To be honest, ‘Cute Keys‘ is one of the worst names I have ever heard when it comes to naming an application but the functionality of this one is as mentioned on their home site. It works 100% and makes the use of your phone faster (if you are used to this kind of use of course because not everyone is used to shortcuts).

For those of you who are bored to read a review about something here’s a list of the things it can do:

* Wide range of actions that can be performed on key combo pressing: favorite applications available on one key press.
* Shortcuts can be executed from any place in the mobile: when you are making a call or when you are inside of any application.
* No limits to the quantity of shortcuts: shortcuts available for all number keys together with special keys and all joystick movements.
* Shortcuts to Send SMS, MMS or email sends it to the pre-defined contact, not just opens the message editor.
* Change Bluetooth status with one key pressing is very time saving and also secures the mobile.
* Quick access to the favorite websites with one hot-key.

cutekeys.jpg Download trial.

Read more.


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