Alon MP3 Dictaphone – Music Player And Recorder – All In One Place

A very good software for recording audio with the capacity of creating hih quality mp3 format. Definitely a useful application. The music player part isn’t the brightest  and I couldn’t really figure out how the equlizer works but it has an easy to use sound recorder.

I would recommend this software to those of you who really use it wether for personal use or at work 🙂 because we all know that the built-in sound recorder sucks..sorry Nokia but it is really useless.

Here’s what it supports:

MP3 dictaphone which also supports AMR and WAV audio formats for recording, phone calls recorder and MP3, OGG, AAC/MP4/M4A, AMR, WAV and M3U playlists

And this is how it looks:

Download Alon MP3 Dictaphone

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12 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I have a Nokia N73 ME, I have recently installed Alon Dictaphone. Unfortunately when I set the record folder of Alon Dictaphone on Memory Card, the voice(both call recordings and normal speech recordings) are recorded with pauses and missing some words of the speech!

    But when I set the recording folder to Phone Memory, the recordings are OK.

    While I need to record my speeches and calls on Memory Card(not Phone Card), please help me fix this problem.



  2. Hi. I’m sorry for this late response…

    I really can’t help you on that one. I looked for this kind of problems on forums and even asked people who know better then me but still no luck. I have a normal N73 (not music edition) and it works for me but that shouldn’t be the problem either…have you tried reinstalling?

  3. Hi,

    Yes, I’ve reinstalled it but the problem still exists. I wrote an email to the support section of the producer’s website. They are investigating the problem. They’ve asked me some questions about the bug and they’re supposed to fix the problem in the comming version of the software.

    Thanks anyway for you reply.



  4. Good,

    If you want to help others too, please tell us the outcome of the situation so in the future it will be easyer for others to solve the problem.

  5. Sure, I will write the result in here, as soon as I receive any new information from theem.

  6. But this is a 14 days trial version. It means it is not free?

  7. Yepp. It’s not for free…

  8. i need the serial no plz

  9. I’m sorry but I don’t support theft…14 days are enough to decide if the application is worth buying. If you like it, buy it and support the developer so they can make other great applications and maybe have enough money to afford to give some apps for free.

  10. this blog verygood .can help me fof freeaplication .thank for you

  11. Hi guys. I have a same problem as Panevis. I mean, that during recording software automatically write data to memory card and this can make a problems. So the solution may be write data to RAM and when user stop recording, copy it to the memory card. For example, when i use video camera on my N95, and i set it to write data to memory card, all is ok. But i don’t know, how it is work… I also found an other problem, sometimes when i play some file from memory card with Alon mp3 dictaphone, during the playing, it misst some litle parts of track. But data on the memory card are ok, because when i played a same track in an internal player, all was ok. But i mean, that when dewelopers repair these errors, this recorder will be a very good software.

  12. Hi, i have a little solution. Try record in a wav. I know, that this format don’t save the memory, but in my nokia n95 is all ok, that may be, that it will be also ok in another mobilephones. So mistake may be in a mp3 codecpack.

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