GenialSIS – Signing Your Application Made Easy

shapeimage_2.pngAs long as you already have a Symbian Signed account, you can continue signing your applications the way you did until now, but if you don’t, here’s a way to sign applications on the Symbian Signed site without requiring a non-public e-mail address…

The software is called GenialSIS

You can read more here.

Find a tutorial here.

Very very detailed tutorial here 🙂 (good job Symbian Web Blog…thanks)


S60 Ticker

Another application which cannot be called a must have but it is worth a try. Why? Because it is freeee.

So here are the features:

  • A ticker which can be placed wherever you want it on your screen
  • Ability to show ticker only on standby screen or everywhere
  • It automatically adjusts its color to the theme you are using (pretty nice feature by the way…)
  • You can write any text you want and this text will appear and jog on the screen when you don’t have new SMS or any notification
  • Ability to change the font, size, duration and placement on the screen
  • A clock…if you need any.

I don’t use the extra clock because I only use this application on the standby screen and I already have one clock there.

You can download the latest version (0.10.2) from here.

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GDesk – A New Way To Make Your Desktop Unique


gw371h393.jpgToday I tried this software and it seemed pretty interesting to me because I really like it when something is customizable and the one thing we can say about GDesk is that it’s one of the most customizable applications ever.

GDesk is a customizable and expendable desktop system. Icons can be placed on the desktop representing applications, page links and plug-ins; these can then be launched by tapping them.
Plug-ins can be added at any time and as required; further plug-in functionality will be provided over time.

You can find out more about this software here

Or download it from here

On the left hand side of this site you will be able to find everything you need to know about this software.

Please do not install it if you don’t have experience with Symbian devices because it can mess up your phone and you will have to reinstall the whole OS again.

Tell me if you have any problems and I’ll help you. If you’re not sure about something just ask before you try. this way you will avoid messing up your phone…

Smart Settings – A Promising Software From MobiFunSoft


Smart Settings is one of the most promising applications that are to appear in the next few days. For those who have already used it on their S60 2nd Edition Symbian phones, it is probably one of the must have applications. For those who didn’t get to use it yet, it’s one of the biggest discoveries since CorePlayer or rotateMe.

There is a demo unsigned version for developers but you can sign it and try it out until the full version appears. That’s if you trust this application. Well I did and it was worth it. I installed it just today and found out that it can do a lot more things then I expected and found out a very useful feature: Easy lock/unlock.


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A Few Quality Themes Part 1.

My opinion is that a good theme should be simple and easy-to-use. I hate the themes with weird animations and icons that don’t fit in any way to the applications these are associated with, so here are a few themes worth mentioning:

To be honest my favorite theme creator is Taieb.

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I’ve Got The Ngage Application At Last

I was very happy when I got the nGage application first installed but after playing the demos of the available games my enthusiasm wasn’t very high any more.

The games are not as good as I expected, being pretty much the same as the normal sis or sisx games currently available for the Symbian phones, but I observed that the application itself installed some very interesting plugins like openGL and stuff like that so we can hope for great games. I don’t know if the available RAM (Memory) will be enough to play the upcoming games though. Continue reading

My Scope Has Arrived – N73 6X Optical Zoom – Part Two

dsc074131.jpg At last. I’ve been waiting for this for the last few weeks and it has arrived. Unfortunately there was already dark at the time I got it but I made a few pictures of it, so you can see how it actually looks. And it doesn’t look like on the ebay commercial. It looks better 🙂

Here are some images I made but only one sample because after one sample I came to the conclusion that it sucks at making indoor photos but that’s not what it’s made for.

So here are some photos: Continue reading